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Features of “Tritan Installation Testing”

  1. It is a methodology that is based on testing.
  2. This type of agile testing is performed during operational acceptance testing.
  3. This test is performed by high skilled developers of our Team who are recognized and applauded testing engineers along with the guidance of configuration managers.
  4. Identifies and rectifies bugs and issues during software installation.
  5. Provides optimal user experience.
  6. The test also involves partial and full upgrade installation.
  7. During the final stage of the software testing life cycle (STLC), Installation testing is executed.

The relevance of “Tritan Installation Testing”

  1. An efficient, effective, and smooth process of installation verifies the software has finally expelled all harmful viruses, defects from all the folders and modules that might be present due to incomplete uninstallation process and taking up the void spaces in system memory.
  2. Impeccable Perfection is inevitable in this test to enhance the complete coordination of all the subcomponents inherited in the software.
  3. A mesmerizing and stunning impression is made in front of the clientswhen the process of installation is smooth.

Challenges in Installation Testing:

  1. The development team needs to repeat the Installation procedure in various other running systems to ensure its validity.
  2. The methodology of test care execution is tedious and cumbersome; hence it becomes daunting and tiring to test an application with multiple test cases on different configurations.
  3. The paucity of test models,tools,test coverage criteria, etc makes the procedure of installation testing a bit difficult.

Dynamic Process of”Installation Testing”:

  1. Install a full-fledged version of the application
  2. You should automate the testing efforts.
  3. Required disk space check in Installation.
  4. Use of distributed testing milieu.
  5. Automated checking of already installed files,folders installed after installation.
  6. Always confirm the registry changes after successful and complete Installation.
  7. Also, validate negative testing during Installation testing.
  8. The final stage, UninstallationTesting.

Installation testing tools:

  1. Rspec
  2. Aruba
  3. Minutest

“Installation testing services of Tritan” ensures you that you are not missing out on your potential business customers due to small bugs, errors, defects that occur during installation of your products. Our quality assurance specialists have years of working expertise in testing small and large scale business applications. We make effective use of testing practices like shift-left testing, agile, data-driven testing, we have thrived our niche in finance, retail,health care, insurance, banking, and more sectors.

When you are installing a Software, you will have several factors that could lead to a lot of combinations.

Device/Platform — PC, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet, etc.
OS — Mac OS/Windows/Unix/Linux/etc. This also includes the version of specific OS
Application Configuration
User Skill and so on…

In the controlled scope that you decide your application to support, you will expect that installation will be completed smoothly.

Whatever you allow users to do, the user will do it. You couldn’t claim that the ordinary user may not do this may not do that. So, in case of any difficulties during/after installation, your software should be able to handle it properly. Any kind of Testing will have specific objectives. It’s to ask basic questions around those and it’s our job to ensure that we will have enough information to confirm that the work develops to meet the objective. Tritan Installation testing has a rather narrow yet vital scope — to ensure there are no roadblocks that prevent end-users from using the software. Here are the main goals of the process:

Ensure users have no issues when installing the software, regardless of the varying tech proficiency levels, different platforms, and devices; To verify that software can be distributed via various environments — default and other locations;
Fix errors and bugs — no other stages of software testing are geared towards fetching the bugs that occur during the installation process. Software and Tritan mobile app installation testing the successful completion of the installation and removal of the software, upgrading or restoring it.

Prerequisites for Tritan Installation Testing:

Before inaugurating the process of installation testing, the team needs to be prepared with all of its prerequisites, which can simplify the testing and ensure its correctness. Therefore, here is a list of prerequisites required before Tritan installation testing.

Software installations of today proceed with questions targeted at the user based on configuration and user choices. So it will be useful to create a tree path of all the options available to the user at the time of installation which will cover all the unique paths to an installation.
Flow diagrams are a handy tool in installation testing. These will be used in automating the test scripts.
Checking if the installation product is dependent on any patch.

Software deployment and installation are the two most important tasks performed by software engineers, after software development and testing. Since the importance of these two activities is such, the team must ensure its precision and correctness. Tritan Installation testing assists the team to accomplish this goal by testing the installation process for any defects. Therefore, to elaborate more on the implication of Tritan installation testing, here is a detailed discussion on the same.

What is Tritan Installation Testing?

Tritan Installation testing is accomplished to check if the software has been correctly installed with all the innate features and that the product is working as per probabilities. Also known as implementation testing, it is done in the last stage of testing before the end-user has his/her first intercourse with the product.
Further, with the aid of Tritan installation testing the team of testers can validate the quality as well as the correctness of the installation process and ensure that the users receive an outstanding user experience.

Features of Tritan Installation Testing:

The importance of installation testing — in the software development life cycle (SDLC) -can be understood from the above explanation. However, the significance of this process is not limited to these aspects only, and it can be further elaborated into the following features:

It is activity-based testing. This type of Tritan testing is executed during Operational Acceptance Testing. Performed by Tritan software testing engineers, along with the configuration manager.

1) Identifies and detects bugs and issues during software installation.

2) Helps deliver the optimum user experience.

3) Its process may include partial or full upgrade installation.

4) Installation testing is executed during the last stage of the software testing life cycle (STLC).

Since the significance of Tritan installation testing is vast in SDLC, the team needs to secure that it is executed accurately, to further substantiate the correctness of the installation process. This can be accomplished with the subsidy of the following points:

First and foremost, its product needs to be checked for any other version already available on the target machine. The application has to be demonstrated for Tritan installation according to the correct folder path as specified by the user, as also, the user should be allowed to choose the default folder.
1) Instructions on the installer should be displayed correctly.
2) The product should be verified for ease of installation over the internet.
3) Since different file systems require space requirements, the software needs to be verified for disk space on systems such as FAT 32 or NTFS as the case may be.
4) Break the installation process in the middle, i.e. any time before it gets completed. This is to check if the system returns to its original state without any hitches.
5) Checking for disk space: This first involves doing a manual check to find out the available disk space and the subsequent checking of the installer script’s calculated disc space.

The installer package needs to have its behavior monitored for low disk space.

It is necessary to test the facility in the installer package for allowing a guest user to work as an administrator for working on repairs. On complete installation, the registry changes need to be verified with the expected user list of changesTesting for uninstallation is important to check if all the system files have been deleted in the event of uninstalling the application.

The relevance of Tritan Installation Testing:

From guaranteeing the proper installation of all the necessary components to substantiating their submission with the provisions of the software product, Tritan installation testing plays a significant position in the software testing life cycle (STLC). Other reasons that define its relevance are as follows:

Challenges in Installation Testing:

While performing installations testing, the team of testers can come across various challenges that can influence the method of testing and make it heated and challenging.

A few of these challenges are:

  1. The software product is employed to be installed in a diverse system atmosphere that has several structures.
  2. The team needs to analyze the installation under multiple systems running climates.
  3. Since the technique of test case execution is time-consuming in installation testing, it becomes challenging to test an application with multiple test cases on different configurations.
  4. As it lacks well-defined test content norms, test models, tools, and more it can be challenging to implement installation testing.


Tritan Installation testing is a multi-dimensional activity since the testing team needs to validate the environmental parameters, as well as the implementation and removal flows. The full list of types of installation testing depends on the scale of the project and the range of business requirements teams have to comply with.
To make sure you’re not missing out on active users due to the errors that occur during the installation of your product, Tritan installation testing services provides quality assurance specialists who retain years of working background in testing small-scale and large-scale applications.
Titans Testers who are in enterprise product testing: SAP, SAS, Microsoft Dynamics, and others; Our QA team uses a wide range of installation testing tools — VMWare, AutoIt, Docker, etc.; Tritan Performance Lab testing engineers are highly skilled in computerized Tritan installation testing;
Working experience with all software development and testing practices — shift-left testing, agile, data-driven testing, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and others.

Tritan is a trusted testing service provider — during the last 10 years, we delivered software testing for over 500 companies from all domains — including finance, retail, healthcare, technology, and more.
If you’re looking for trained, reliable installation testing professionals, leave us a message. Take a look at our portfolio to know what kind of undertakings our company tackles!

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